About us

Welcome on  Autobedrijf Okazje NL website!

Autobedrijf Okazje NL is a Dutch company with over 20 years experience in the car industry, building and agriculture sector. We are selling cars, trucks, vans, buses and all kinds of specialized vehicles like agricultural machines (tractors, screens, etc.) or building equipment (bulldozers, crushers, dump trucks, excavators, loaders, etc.).

Among our customers are individual clients or businesses, for example from Poland,  Holland, Germany, Belgium or Ukraine. In a short time we prepare all export documents, including insurance of the vehicle at competitive prices.

Our experience allows us to guarantee its customers expert advice and purchase of machines tested both technically and qualitatively. We value honesty in business. Each customer is treated with respect.

In addition to sales, we offer repairs of cars, vans or trucks. We carry out, among other things: major repairs of engines, transmissions, electronics, brakes, air conditioning and many other activities related to the mechanics of the car. We carry out inspections of vehicles, including services related to the oil change, coolant, brake fluid, filters, timing belts, etc. We also offer air conditioning service, ie. the cleaning, disinfection, filling the coolant.

We also provide services related to towing vehicles.

We invite you to sending inquires! Direct contact number is located in the 'contact' field.

Opening hours:
Monday to Friday: 8:00 ÷ 19:00pm.
Saturday: 9:00 ÷ 15:00pm.
Sunday: closed.